Hukunda Family

Hukunda Family
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Paatradhaarigalu ..... (The actors !)

Anna (for DAD) 'Gundanna HV', was born in Shettykeredoddi (In Kanakapura taluka, 60 kms from bangalore). He did is early school in 'kooli matha' at Hukunda and then moved to Kanakapura for his primary schooling and college. He moved to bendakalooru (Bangalore) for his graduation and post graduation. He earned himself the job of a lab assistant in the prestigious VIJAYA COLLEGE at a tender age of 20 yrs !!

A self made man and an extremely ingenious person, anna probably knew that VIJAYA COLLEGE is a very small place for his experiments. He therefore moved out of the college to becoming an entrepreneur ! He has been an entrepreneur for the past 30 yrs now and a very successful one at that ...

Amma (for MOM) 'Vasudha Gundanna', was born in bangalore. She did her early schooling in bangalore and joining BEL, BANGALORE. She married anna much against the wishes of the relative circle 35 yrs ago. They definitely are a 'happily married couple' but for some minor differences on certain issues in life ! .... but, which couple does not have some differences :-)

Yours truly 'Bhargava Hukunda', was born in BANGALORE(JUBIJEE NURSING HOME) in 1974 in the month of January. Amma keeps telling me even today that Cauvery water was connnected into bangalore on the same day ! So, that is another reason why 'Jan -24' will be remembered during the years to come ... swalpa jaasti aaytaaa :-))

Sandy 'Sandhya Bhargava' my better half, was born in BIRUR. She has done her majors in Fine Art from the prestigious Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat, Bangalore. She aspires to share all that she has learnt and all the talent that she has amongst the bugging artists in Bangalore. Right now our kids (their intro will come lower down!) are keeping her busy 24 x 7 !!

Putti urf 'Thejaswini Hukunda' my younger sister, was born in BANGALORE(VANI VILAS) in 1975 in the month of July. She did her majors in music and continues to live in bangalore with her 7 yr old Adithya.

Adi 'Adithya Kashyap' my nephew, was born in BANGALORE (DIWAKAR NURSING HOME) in 2001 in the month of April. The same year that I got married to Sandhya. He is an extremely energetic and an intelligent boy. He is the darling of anna at home and is loved by all of us. Keeps amma busy at home all the time with his pranks ! :)

Bujji 'Spruhaa Bhargava Vasistha' was born in BANGALORE (SRIDEVI NURSING HOME) in 2002 in the month of October. She is the opposite of Adithya in terms making friends, talking to anyone and everyone on planet earth ! The kind of poise and patience that she has at this age is amazing !

Bujja 'Sudhanva Bhargava Vasistha' was born in BANGALORE (DIWAKAR NURSING HOME) in 2006 in the month of July. He is also growing up to emulate adithya in all aspects !

Now it is sudhanva :)

This is my son Chi. Sudhanva Vasistha dancing on the table. He is soon going to be 2 yrs on July 17th. Currently sandhya and the kids have gone to India for a couple of months. I will be joining them all on July 28th ... eagerly waiting to go home ! ..Check this video ..


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spruhaa singing ....

Spruhaa is singing 'Look at all the twinkling stars' ! Both spruhaa (we call her bujji) and sudhanva (we all call him tammanna as bujji calls him tammanna) love this rhyme. Tamma is 'little brother' and anna is 'big brother' in kannada !! Now, I agree that 'tammanna' is a misnormer ...... but we like it :)

Enzoi the video !

Monday, June 9, 2008

Vamsha Vriksha

All -

It has been a while since I was thinking of having one place on the public domain (that still is restricted to some people) where I could sketch our 'Vamsha Vriksha' (family tree), travel down the memory lane, share our sweet memories with the entire family and also ask our folks to pen down some lines .....

I will make an effort to keep this blog 'alive and kicking' on a regular basis. Watch out for some great snaps .. COMING SOON ...

Please do contribute to this blog whenever you can and I will keep you posted on every change / addition that I make to this blog :-)

Bhargava Hukunda