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Hukunda Family
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

At 16 I expect my kids to starting supporting themselves !!! ?????

These are exactly the words spoken by one of my colleagues at my office here. She is a divorcee bringing up her 3 kids aged 17, 19 and 21 !! We were discussing about how things work in homes back in India v/s how kids are pushed to grow here in the United States .....

I was telling her that back in India kids are grown up in sheltered environments (sheltered physically, psychologically, emotionally, financially.......) until they are 21-22 yrs old only after which we start thinking about working, earning. Folks - I am talking of my generation that was in their 20s in the later part of the 90s. I don't think a lot has changed after that !! :-)

She was surprised and told me that people here in the united states prefer to have the kids go out and start working during the summer vacations from their 11th year (kids typically take up part time jobs in malls, stores, petrol bunks, super markets et al). She told me that kids start working 30 hr weeks when they reach their 17-18th year when they also do their college in the evenings !!

Now this has both positives and negatives to it.

1. Exposure
2. Confidence
3. Opportunity to see the world - network with people
4. New avenues - ability to make informed decisions
5. Some money

1. Habits
2. A disillusioned friend circle
3. Confusion
4. Distraction from education (most feared in our country !!)
5. Is not emotionally rooted to parents - family (this is very evident across generations !!)

I just told her the I am scared to send my kids (when they grow up) to support themselves at the "tender" age of 16 ..... and left wondering if this is ALSO one of the reasons why the cultures of these 2 countries is soooo totally opposite ...... !!!

You tell me ....
Some movies that depict both these sentiments, both masterpieces and a must watch ....
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