Hukunda Family

Hukunda Family
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Movies Galore !

Sandhya and the kids left for India on 8th June from Dallas, Texas. Oh ! we have been living in Dallas, texas for more than 2 yrs now. I am here in a short term assignment from IBM GLOBAL Services (am with IBM for 6 yrs now ...).

Its has been movies galore for me after Sandhya and the kids left ...I have been watching atleast one movie a day since last sunday..... I have always been a movie buff but am not sure why I am watching movies at this frequency now ! :)

Just coming back today from the theatre after watching DASAVATHARAM (Kamal Hasan in 10 different roles for the first time in Indian cinema). He has tried to bring in religion, science, spirituality, equality, patriotism .. all in one movie !

I would say that he is succeeded you putting the message across ....message that there is 'one' super being (no religion here..) who is controlling the strings up there ..also the message that we cannot continue to abuse MOTHER EARTH the way we are doing today ....

It was decent ... but at 3.5 hrs it was a bit too long :(
Do watch it if you get a chance .....

More soon ...not movies but my posts :-))
until then ....ciao