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Hukunda Family
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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Choose your friends wisely !!

A month ago, spruhaa (my daughter) had an incident at her school. She is in her UKG and had joined hands with another classmate of hers and were troubling a third girl in a very ackward way .... This girl who is being troubled is a special child in the sense that this child is very shy, still does not know to communicate well with others and supposedly is suffering from a very high inferiority complex :(((

Spruhaa's teacher in class it seems was watching Spruhaa all thru this episode and finally called Spruhaa, warned her of mis-behavior and sent her out of the class for 5 minutes ....

Spruhaa's teacher narrated the entire incident to me when I went to pick up spruhaa from school that day and told me that she was surprised to see Spruhaa act like the way she did with the other girl !! :(( (For people who dont know spruhaa, she is a very emotional, considerate and a very reasonable girl who is also very sensitive to other people around her) Even I was surprised to hear that Spruhaa did behave that way :((

One thing that Spruhaa's teacher said at the end of our conversation stayed with me and will stay with me & in me all thru my life. It was like that punchline from an ad or a rajnikanth movie !! She said, 'Spruhaa, in life always learn to choose your friends wisely' !!

It is not that this statement is something new to me or anyone or that we have never heard of it. It hit me really hard coz' it was said to my daughter in front of me in a certain context. Also, I dont know if Spruhaa understood the inherent meaning of that statement!!

I did not scold spruhaa that day or any other day for that matter, but I continue to think about that statement 'atleast once every day' ... and keep wondering that it is soooo very important in life ......

I think choosing the 'right' friends will give the kid that kinda of positive vibrations, thoughts, ideas, avenues, opportunities, exposure that otherwise will be lacking ....

Having said that, I also start thinking about the '6 honest serving men' (the how, when, where, who, what and why's ) ... how do I choose the 'right' friends, who helped me do that ... does the onus again falls back on the parents ................. not sure :(((

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!