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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ganeesha Banda.......

It is the 3rd year in a row that we as a family are celebrating Ganesha - Gowri festival at home - 'away from home' !! Celebrating the festival sitting at my desk in office, I was thinking that it is amusing to note some of the differences between celebrating such a big festival as this away from home. Here it goes ......

DIFF #1.
Here: Business as usual. Work from 9 - 5 PM
There: Rajaaa (Holiday)... Majaaaaaa (Make merry)

Here: Dont bother if we dont find 'maavina yele' (leaves from the mango tree !)
There: Must find maavina yele the previous ..... come what may !

Here: Dont bother to buy new clothes for myself or for kids
There: Elders at home take care of it !! (for us all .....)

Here: A quick pooja with 'Ganapathi Shastri galu' reciting the ganesha stotra on the internet (
There: An elaborate step by step ritualistic 3-4 hr pooja

Here: Doesn't matter if you look at the moon
There: Advised not to look at the moon today. If you happen to unknowingly, make sure you read up the 'shyamantaka mani' story and recite the 'shyamantaka mani mantra' in the evening

Here: No ganapathi pandals / functions
There: Many a roads in the interiors are blocked with ganapathi pandals

Here: 'Madan Mallu Sangeetha Sanje' missing here ..:-(
There: We get to see sangeetha sanje's for the next one month in every corner !!

Here: We dont even get to visit a single house where ganesha is being worshipped
There: We are supposed to visit 101 houses (or atleast 21) where ganesha is being worshipped !!

Here: Desi store modakas
There: Amma / ajji maadida kadubugalu (rice dumpling filled with coconut & jaggery paste and boiled under pressure)

DIFF #10
Here: Ambience ..... :-(
There: Ambience .. the feel ... the vibrance .... a majaaaa :-)

There are many many more smaller details and things that we surely do miss out being here .... but I must tell you that sandhya (my beloved) is trying to make up for all of it by celebrating this festival as closer to the way it is celebrated back home .....

ganesha banda.... kaayi kadubu tinda............
chikka kereli bidda, dodda kereli edda.........

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apoorva said...

tatz definetely true uncle...v missed u people a lot today...