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Hukunda Family
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sudhanva's metamorphosis !!!

(my son) had his chaula (mundan) in August 2008 in Bangalore, India. As we could not give him a crop in India, we did so here in Dallas, Texas on October 3rd 2008. Sandhya took him to the saloon (as the saloons here only open at 10 AM !!!!!) and I understand that sudhanva did not make a fuss while having a hair cut !!!

Check out the metamorphosis and some comments about his new look from our friends and family !! :-)

Selva: Very Cute.

Deepan: Sudhanva looks so cute ! :-) Lots of love Deepan

Prathima: 1st photo dalli -looks like a gal.

Prakash Shanmugam: Sudhan is looking nice Barghav....The lady get up also fits :)

Sumana: How are you all doing? Thank you for sending the cute collage of Sudhanva....he is adorable!!..

Katte shankra: Attige yelli annohange illa. Ditto ka ditto.. nice collection Bro…

Manish Jain:
cute pics...

He looks very cuteeeeeeeeee ;-) Dhrushti tegiri Sudhanva ge aayita..


hahaha.... upendra thara iddonu,,, aamir khan (as in movie Ghajini) thara kantaa iddane :-)

Gupta: He is so cute.. He looks like Spruhaa in first two photos. Ofcourse, both Sudhanva and Spruha looks like Sandhya ;-)

Neeraj: Nice one sir.. he looks even more handsome with that cut.

Ashwini: wow ! nice pics.. but really miss his curly hair !! it was just soo good :)

Smitha Gautam:O my God! Sudhanva looks adorable. He has the most charming smile and enchanting eyes. Bhargav is right. He is going to have a flurry of girls around him when he becomes big.

My dad:
TUMBA CHENNAGIDE. The last one is excellent. Both me and amma saw them.
Best wishes to BHOJA.

Prasanna/ Shilpa: He looks just like spruha.. very cute.. Total change b4 and after..
Love to all of you.

Guess we will have many more comments and I will keep updating it !! .... :-)
God bless him ......

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